Social Distancing: Learn to Maintain Your Same 生产力 Standards

The world is adapting and reacting. With companies asking staff to practice social distancing in response to the current pandemic, both employees and managers realize the challenges ahead to ensure business continuity.

While the phenomenon of “social distancing” addresses the immediate issue, practicing social distancing might not work for businesses in the long term if they do not learn to maintain productivity standards.

生产力 Tips That Work for Tech Enthusiasts

Applying a Technology Edge
There is no denying that technology has been driving improvements and innovation across different global industries for decades. Although the adoption of many technological solutions may seem disruptive at first, they are essential investments that help enterprises gain an edge.

Does Your 公司 Have a Technology Strategy

Whether you run a small business or a big enterprise, a well-planned technology strategy is vital.  It enables your company to employ an extensive business strategy. The best technology strategies do much more than allow businesses to plan their operational tasks; it mainly helps shape them.

What is a 管理服务 Provider

There is no denying that technology has evolved considerably over the last few decades. And if you are a startup or a small business, your IT department may not be able to manage the pace of advanced innovations. It may make your company’s IT more reactive and vulnerable rather than proactive.

资讯科技政策为何如此 & 过程很重要

IT policies and procedures play a strategic and crucial role in making sure that the company’s corporate information is safe. Know that policies can address requirements to protect confidential information from unauthorized access, 信息披露, 腐败, 损失, and interference in both physical and electronic formats.

How to Select an IT Vendor

Choosing a reliable service for your company’s IT needs saves you a lot of money and time. +, the common pitfalls of poorly chosen IT services and technology can lead to frustration, 资本损失, and low adoption rate. 更糟糕的是, you can get stuck with a long- term contract for IT services that are useless for your company.

The Importance of Standardization and Documentation

Imagine working with a blindfold on your eyes. You’ll constantly be thinking about your next step. Not only will you have to search for which direction you should take the next step but also you will waste a lot of time while doing so. It is a perfect analogy to describe what it is like to work without standardization and documentation.

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